About G-force

G-force Dental Health Supplement - original formula for complex disinfection and care of the oral cavity. Developed with cutting-edge scientific technology, this nutritional supplement provides a comprehensive saliva cleansing of toxins, neutralizes the threat of caries or yellowness, helps get rid of bad breath and strengthens tooth enamel. The formula is a combination of active ingredients and antioxidants that provide a complete cleansing of all fluids, as well as improve the condition of the liver.



The formula prevents the destruction of enamel and yellow teeth. Cleanses the liver.



Capsules disinfect saliva, whiten teeth and provide fresh breath. This enables your smile to become perfect.



Regular use of this dietary supplement for 6 months helps reduce the risk of gum and tooth problems by 97%.

White Smile and Fresh Breath!

G-force description shows that the regular use of this product helps to multiply the beneficial properties of the body in counteracting the aggressive effects of food, nicotine, liquid. The authors of this formula claim that its action is based on a saliva disinfection system by cleaning the liver and intestines from toxins. In theory, this should block the further ability of germs and bacteria to multiply in the mouth, reduce gum inflammation and improve the quality of teeth.


The product has demonstrated high efficiency of use, outperforming many analogues on the market of dietary supplements. By adopting G-force Teeth Supplement, you will be able to see real improvements literally from the first days of use. However, the creators of these capsules promise some progress only if you complete the full course of use within 1-3 months. G-force Oral health Formula developed by leading European experts based on natural ingredients. The product includes Milk Thistle Extract, Dandelion, Chicory Root, Artichoke Leaves and many other natural ingredients. Selected according to the principle of synergy, they mutually reinforce the beneficial properties of each other and give a positive result.

How it Works?

You are taking a capsule. The contents of the mixture dissolve in the intestines and through the blood enters the liver. Liver cleanse promotes saliva disinfection and helps clean the mouth. According to experts, in some cases, just 1 course of this dietary supplement is enough to get very impressive results and stabilize the protective properties of the oral cavity. For what symptoms is it recommended to take G-force UK:

  • Yellowness of teeth.
  • Unpleasant odor caused by bacteria or putrefactive processes.
  • Increased tooth sensitivity.
  • Inflammation of the gums.
  • Increased acidity.

Using advanced technology to quickly address the causes of all these symptoms, you can get a radiant and snow-white smile, healthy gums and fresh breath at any age! The product is a 100% natural dietary supplement, does not cause side effects and has no contraindications for use. You can G-force order online using the official website of the manufacturer.

How to use: the product is recommended to take 2 capsules in the evening (preferably during dinner). For a more effective result, it is best to take the dietary supplement within 90 days. Within 180 days you can get the maximum beneficial effect. That is why all experts recommend G-force buy in UK immediately for 6 months. Thus, you can get an additional discount. Trust only verified information. If in doubt, seek the advice of a physician or other licensed professional. The unique formula has a positive effect on other organs and processes in your body.


Price, Sale & Delivery

1 Month Supply
TOTAL: $69

per bottle

  • You save: $107!
  • Shipping: For a Fee

3 Month Supply
TOTAL: $177

per bottle

  • You save: $351
  • Shipping: Free

6 Month Supply
TOTAL: $294

per bottle

  • You save: $762!
  • Shipping: Free


Is it FDA and GMP Approved?

Based on information from the official website of the seller of this formula, it is claimed that the capsules are produced in the United States, at an enterprise that has passed FD and GMP verification. This is another reason to be confident in the safety and high quality of our products.

Is it Sold In a Pharmacy?

As far as we could find out G-force pharmacy does not sell. If you want to get original capsules, contact the online store of a certified supplier and order the required number of bottles right now. When ordering a 180-day set at G-force price for each bottle, it will be the most profitable. More information can be obtained from the seller.

How long Does Delivery Take?

You can receive your order only after registering on the seller's website. G-force delivery is carried out within 5-18 days depending on your current location. Also, you can always take advantage of the possibility of returning the goods if for some reason it does not suit you. For more information, check with the sales consultant. The product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to prevent or treat any disease. An active formula that can work as efficiently as possible.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for reading purposes only. We do not sell this product, but we may receive a commission when you click on the link. Before using any dietary supplement, seek medical advice and advice. Be sure to obtain additional information from various sources in order to conclude the appropriateness of using this dietary supplement.

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I couldn't get rid of my yellow teeth. It was terrible. Thanks to these capsules, my smile has become crystal white!


Didn't find any side effects. After this product my breath became fresh. Very good result.


I had sensitive teeth so the dentist recommended these capsules. Now I can safely eat cold food without pain.